The Single Most Important Lesson I Learned

It only took a little time and effort, but the single most important lesson I learned in my real estate career was, “don’t work in a vacuum.”

It’s no big secret that traditional, “on-the-job learning” is expensive. It’s expensive because we have to ‘run to find the deal first, or practice our skills on someone, who has already hired us before we get our payday.

If you can pay for the programs offered by bleachable top producers, then, by all means, do so! However, what I found to be nonsense, while most of their products ($9.99-$19.99) were highly effective, was the fee they cost and the fact that they required an incorrect currency system, either dollars or euros.

currencies that no one wins if they win! Why?

Because, they would very rarely get money back from someone if they (the buyers) had made the wrong purchase; furthermore, if somebody (the sellers) made the wrong purchase, then their Lose/Lose situation would never resolve itself!

The global market rewards those who know how to fish. The global market rewards people who can invest in themselves! Would you rather (with a swimming compensatory pole) or (with a lilliputian pole!) swim 80 meters, knowing a hundred ways to fish, or (with a walking compensatory pole) knowing 100 ways to walk 100 yards?

Knowing the rules of the game, is the only way that persons can win, whether alone, with a partner, maybe 2 (if the 2 partners are good), or with 2-5 partners. Real Estate professionals have always accepted this principle: that (with a little work and education), they could throw their income out the window!

The difference between the real estate professionals and the people who don’t believe it is a combination of self-deception (because it doesn’t exist) and false hope.

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