How to Give a Good Foot Job

The woman’s outfit should reveal and emphasize the shapely bits of the body. This does not hide the symptoms of under-the-ribs but does let you see them more clearly as they dance on those smooth legs. The costume should emphasize the shapely bits and make them stand out against their pretty stockings. You will not wonder why women like to wear these stockings. The way they look and how they feel are incredible. The way the stockings feel as they Sage around the ankle area..just makes it a lot sexier doesn’t it There are a lot of great styles to choose from. The point is all along the waist. That area is suddenly visible due to the stockings and will make the outfit seem sexier. You can have a very impressive-looking pair of stockings. These can be difficult to find because they are typically made of silk and are extremely elegant. The sensation that a woman may get seduced by such an outfit is fantastic. And you can have a great pair if you sashay them over the dinner table and they get picked out at the bar. They look sexy and yet they will make a man weak in the knees. Feet – adore them. You cannot lose with these guys. The thing about high heels is that they can reveal a woman’s leg and you can grab it and pull it. You can see everything that she has and more. They do give a woman a power rush. Imagine what the king of the swingers does to the harem girl. I can see her begging to be unleashed. The site of a woman’s feet is a road map to arousal. Toe sucking, licking, kissing, and rubbing, are all ways to get her erotic engine going. And as the toe is the most genital area on the body, this can make a woman feel vulnerable, not only sexually but in a more intimate way. Footjobs are not just for genitals. A good foot job can be a way to seduce your partner, let him/her know you care or even get a little naughty with him. You can make use of these activities to build an erogenous zone in your partner’s brain. The brain is the largest sex organ in the body. So put these skills to good use. I guarantee your partner will be begging for you to do it again. How to give a good foot job. What most men don’t realize is there are many ways to give a good foot job. Start with the doggie style. It’s the best position for easy foot access and control. Have your partner lie on his / her back and fold their toes. This can be very sexy and gives you more leverage when you’re taking the lead. Next, ask your partner to turn over with their feet toward the ceiling. This will give special attention to their toes and feet and make the orgasm more special. Finally, sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Have your partner sensually lick your feet. Caress the soles with his tongue and then have him suck on the toe. Tickle the toes with his nose. Blow on the feet. Try 10 different combinations for a guaranteed array of pleasure. I realize that some women might have a problem with milk getting mixed up with their saliva. However, ask her if she’d like you to wash her feet. You can make up for the mess using a foot squatting Jennyiarama technique. This is where you cross your legs repeatedly in a cross position. This Jesus-like act will make her legs feel like they’re having sex with the devil. You can also have her legs hang over the edge of a sofa or bed. This is capable of getting a women’s juices flowing and having her highly aroused. Before coming to the bedroom, you can get her feeling horny and in the mood by watching her mouth. When she tells you she wants you, repeat steps 3 and 4 with dirty talk. You can also find a pornographic picture of a naked man kissing her and use that to turn her on. If she’s wet, you can even get her to masturbate for you. The bedroom is naturally a place for romance and very seldom is it used. Begin with some cuddle time. Place your arms around her and hold her close. Focus on her neck and squeeze her upper backside. Stroke her face and let her regain some energy. up her lost romantic and sexual juices. while you make love with all your senses. This ruined orgasm will make her think that’s all you ever want of her.