How to Improve Your Massage Center

How to Improve Your Massage Center

night and talk with the owner to exchange notes regarding what they think can be improved and what they think doesn’t work. Of course, in South Korea, where I live, Korean massage houses pay by the hour, so this Japanese-style massage parlor is more like a business office.

Of course, the features that make a good massage center special are hard to find in a single place. In Japan, it is considered to be the best place to have a massage, but here in the States, massaging has become a routine largely because of lack of research and education regarding its advantages and disadvantages.

We have compiled some ideas to enhance your massage center experience that are as simple as a change in location and some knowing what to do and what not to do.

The first thing to do is look and feel of the massage center you are considering. Are they located in plain, ordinary structures or did they designed them with a secluded, cozy environment in mind? splendid or drab? hard edges or soft edges? colors or white zones?

These are the basics of enriching the massage center experience, but there are more advanced techniques and concepts to consider. For example, how long has the building been in business and who owns it? This is important because the building should be LEADING on the massage experience and not the other way around. LEAD, not…?

There are, of course, many different designs and styles of massage and among them some are truly a work of art. Yet, there is no one true style or archetype of massage. Each person who enters a center that offers exotic massages develops his or her own style. The lead therapist at the center will be the one who determines what is the ‘core’ experience that each person brings and develops it. Different people have differentMethods of touching, breathing, thinking, feeling and moving. Tantra is not a science, or a set of techniques, it is a way of life and involves the whole person, not just his or her genitals.

Some people enjoy the sensual benefits of fast touching, hanging from the ceiling or being driven against the wall. Others find pain sexy and enjoy the energy exchange. Some enjoy the intensity of a full body massage. If you are interested in a more spiritual experience, then be sure to let the lead therapist know what is going to happen. This is a big part of Tantra that is outside of the bedroom: Spirituality is about feeling and giving.

These are some of the ways people have found Tantric Practice beneficial:

Overcoming blocks for stress, sexuality, aging, and self-will

Tantric practices that strengthen the body, mentally and physically

Pills to enhance the sexual experience

centering and deepening the energy

The development of a relationship with your partner

touch, breath, sounds, and movement

responding to and moving toward sexual pleasure

experiencing and expressing your masculinity or femininity

gain control over your internal or external reality

experiencing new emotions (learned through practice)

experiencing or touching new sexual feelings (learned from practicing)

experiencing and touching new internaliated sexual objects (learned from practicing)

increasing your desire and pleasure with the opposite sex

strengthening your orgasmic response

strengthening your ability to stay present within your body during sex

developing a love relationship with your partner

teaching you how to enjoy life more

Developing a relationship with your partner

teaching you how to stop destructive behavior

growing and maturing sexually

improving your sense of self-worth with an emphasis on desirability.