A Buyer’s Guide to Thermal Printers

A Buyer's Guide to Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are used for a number of purposes, including label printing, thermal application and label printing. Each method results in a different type of printer. The term thermal because of the way heat is used with different materials, by putting the label between two plates of the printer and then heating those plates to a different level. Another way to use the term is to treat a block of wood or plastic like a block of wax. When heat is applied to the block, the wood or plastic hardens. This substance is then used to print onto other pieces of paper. The upper plate of the printer is also heated in order to even out the uneven wear of the label.

2. Direct Thermal Process

This type of printing is used when the product must beLabeled or Must be Precious. The Direct Thermal Process or D.T.P. requires the use of a labeler, a engine which prints the label directly onto the thermal label without the use of an external labeler. This technology gives faster speed and better results as compared to the Dual Thermal Process or D.T.P.

3. Thermal Transfer Process

The Thermal Transfer Process or T.T.P. requires the use of labels with unique barcodes, a scanner, the labeler, and an inkjet printer. This technology gives better results as compared to the Direct Thermal Process.


zelcryption ensures that sensitive data is encrypted whilst in use, by encrypting it before use and by using a secret key for encryption and decryption. This ensures that the data is secured by either a pass code or a key.


This is a must-have for any business. A.oftware firewall is a must for security of which firewalls are external deterrents. Also, it must have anti-virus and anti-spy ware software too. Software must be updated duly and purged from the computer system from time to time.


This refers to the global clock of the computer system and serves as a clock for computers, which operate best when set to this time. Windows operating systems are highly synchronized with the clock by using a time stamp between 0 – 100 seconds before daylight saving time.

7.Packet Switching

packet switching refers to the method in which data is transferred between the computer and its user. Sometimes the computer is connected to the internet via a modem which transfers the data to the server. Data is then sent from the server to the computer allowing both the users to access the data they want.


The internet is a superhighway which unifies the U.S. and world’s people. Today it is easy to get information and communicate from anywhere in the world. People use the internet to search for information, buy products and even to pay their bills.


This is a machine which can instantly respond to your needs and demands. With computer you can access your e-mails, chat with your friends and even play games. Unlike a human being, however, a computer is always ready, helping you wherever you need it.

10.Voice Mail

voice mail is a feature of almost all the phones that you own whether it be a land line or a mobile phone. Texting is also done via the voice mail.


Voicemail is a very popular service and is used whenever you have calls from people who are not familiar to you. With Voicemail, you can leave message for them and they can return it to you by either attaching it or making a phone call to you.

12.Wireless Network

Most of the computer systems have a built in wireless feature. It is used whether you are using Windows XP or Vista.