Polaris Office “Blockchain Business First S2E in Korea…Polaris Share 2nd Beta Service Launch”

Polaris Office Share Launches Second Beta Service

Polaris Office, an office software company, announced on the 28th that it will launch the second beta service of Polaris Share, a distributed incentive knowledge trading platform.

The second beta service provided this time has increased accessibility by integrating Polaris Share with the global office SW ‘Polaris Office’ platform. The main feature is that subscribers of the existing “Polaris Office” can easily use the Polaris Share service.

As a result, 110 million users of Polaris Office will be able to conveniently use Polaris Share service within the Polaris Office platform following OTT (online video service), Oman TV (office-made TV), which opened last month, and Oman Market (office-made market).

Polaris Share is building a S2E (Share to Earn) business model that can generate profits by sharing documents with a knowledge-sharing blockchain platform based on ‘Polaris Office’. It is a service that allows producers to compensate through knowledge sharing and users to obtain high-quality knowledge at a low cost through mutual value evaluation between knowledge producers and users. Through the S2E service, it is preparing for the “Web 3.0” era that allows users to own information beyond simply reading and writing.

Polaris office users can immediately sign up as members of Polaris Share through simple account linkage without complicated membership procedures. You can freely upload documents at any time for the purpose of sharing or archiving documents. You can search, view, vote, share, and steam popular libraries by searching for necessary documents or knowledge or referring to real-time recommended keywords.

The second beta service is primarily provided through Windows (Windows) versions for Polaris Office PCs. It is also planning to launch a service in the mobile version of Polaris Office as soon as possible. Polaris Office is developing its business centered on Polaris Share Tech, an affiliate of Polaris Share’s operating agency.

“This beta service aims to lay the foundation for building a stable service environment and plan UI/UX (user environment/user experience) that users can easily use,” a Polaris Office official said. “We will develop transactions, voting, reward systems, and tokenized documents (NFT) and strengthen system stability and security.”

We plan to hold a token compensation event to commemorate the opening of the service, he said. “We are also planning to partner with experts and data-based companies, listing on exchanges by country, supplying liquidity in a decentralized environment, and partnering with layer 2 companies.”

In addition, he emphasized, “We are expanding the range of services provided to users as a platform company by directly providing OTT and e-commerce services within the Polaris Office platform.”

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