Office rent-free, shared office site

The biggest concern I had when I started a small business was the annual rent. It wasn’t an industry that needed a large office, but we had to have a conference room to deal with customers.

If I think I’ve been saving it for a year, I’ve been thinking about the future of the business because it evaporates in an instant. In the meantime, a friend who made money in the same industry introduced me that the office rent of the shared office site was not burdensome.

Since space can be used as a sharing concept, it has the advantage of a lower unit price. There was a longing for an independent space, but in reality, it was difficult to find a property that operated without burden of office rent.

The office, which was at least released, was realistically calling for extremely burdensome rent, and if the unit price was right, the location was quite difficult. It was a big challenge for me to start a business. I started a one-person business with the advantage that I don’t need any employees, but it was very difficult to continue stress because I was worried about the wrong part.

I was surprised that the monthly rent for the office site sharing office that my friend introduced me was much lower than I thought. Besides, the location was perfect. We are running an industry where we have to use public transportation mainly because we have frequent outside meetings and there are no cars.

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I looked into the office site 오피사이트, shared office

The shared office had branches in various areas, and all of the offices were characterized by the station area. At a time when it was difficult to get a station area on purpose, the low unit price of 30,000 won per month was even suspicious.

I was able to check the curriculum of the shared office through the website without having to visit and check it in person. This place is especially popular for private businesses to change their addresses in their business registration cards. I was surprised that it was more difficult than I thought to change the address while running a private business.

In the past, it was possible to register an address to the house where you live. In fact, there was a problem with registering your residence as a business place. As a result, the exact address of the business was needed, and the due diligence was given to the place where the address was registered, so we had to proceed more meticulously.

This place, which I chose while looking into the office rent, saves the CEO’s trouble enough because it directly supports due diligence. Above all, the lower unit price and rent were a great thing for the novice representatives who just started their business.

Usually, there are places where you sign a contract for one to five years when you rent a building. However, it is possible to sign a six-month contract here, and even that is possible to pay interest-free installments by credit card.

Above all, I was actively helping people who were trying to do business for the first time. It is very difficult to care about the tax ledger while operating it personally.

I was helping with the company registration for a year here. In addition, it was possible to receive counseling on policy funds that fit my business. I tried to find out about various government subsidies, but it took longer than I thought to work alone, check the subsidies, and check if they fit the workplace.

There were many parts that I couldn’t apply even though I knew because I couldn’t concentrate on one job. When a private business is large enough to establish a corporation, it helps connect where tax counseling is possible. I think it’s better news for bosses who are working hard alone to save labor costs.

When signing a contract for a building, basically, the tenant and the lessor need to prepare and confirm the contract through real estate. The shared office provided here is proceeding with electronic contracts non-face-to-face.

You can simply check the information about the office on the homepage and proceed with the contract in less than 10 minutes. Efforts to be helpful to busy bosses have been seen everywhere.

Although it was a shared space, we prepared a conference room and cafeteria that could be used in various ways, and we were forwarding the mail safely. Personally, I wanted to introduce it to my friend who is having a hard time running a shopping mall.

It was always heartbreaking to see a friend who couldn’t breathe and worked uncomfortably in a single room because he didn’t have to meet people. This place is suitable for single-person companies as well as freelancers and frequent meetings with customers.

In addition, it would be good to use a clean office because the content business that is easily challenged these days can cause security problems to proceed at home. Basically, I think it is a big advantage in that it can safely set up the location of the business.

I don’t really need an office, but there was no place like this compared to where I felt sorry for the travel time I had to throw away every time I went outside. I was particularly concerned about business funding, but I didn’t have a choice in that I could start with office monthly rent without any burden.

Since I didn’t have time to worry about the initial payment, I was able to focus more on the business and run. I thought it was a temporary place to stay, but during the time I was staying, I wanted to aim for a corporation here. As the performance has improved noticeably, I think it is a space that gave me an opportunity to look forward to the future.