King Anma (킹안마)

King Anma (킹안마)
Recently, as more and more people want to go on a new date, apart from a typical date such as a cafe date or a movie, many couples are also looking for a massage that allows them to date and heal at the same time.

King Anma (킹안마) introduces a Swedish couple massage program in downtown Gangnam

King Anma (킹안마), In particular, in the spring season, when it is easy to become drowsy, adult male and female couples who work more than sleeping hours and lack exercise are increasingly enjoying healing together by relieving clumped muscles and fatigue through couple massages. In particular, major urban centers such as Gangnam, Apgujeong, and Cheongdam can receive professional and unusual massage services such as Swedish couple massage.

King Anma (킹안마), a massage brand in Apgujeong and Cheongdam in Gangnam, is a Swedish massage brand that realizes authentic Swedish royal massage. Swedish massage is a high-end therapy technique that increases pleasant sensibility and reduces accumulated stress by focusing on delicate and soft touches rather than strength using herbs and oils, which are healing treatments in the East and the West.

Swedish massage features delicate and soft touch compared to general sports massage, and is known to help relieve stress and skin care with natural base oil and essential oil.

In particular, King Anma (킹안마) oil therapy is said to be suitable for skin care as well as stress relief by using only pure 100% natural oil extracted using cold and compression methods. Since each oil has a specialized effect, it is used for therapy after determining consumer preferences and body conditions.

An official from King Anma (킹안마) said, “A traditional Swedish massage can help relieve fatigue after overwork, hangover, exercise or outdoor activities. “We will always maintain all elements such as professional Swedish massage techniques, cleanliness, internal facilities, and services that are carried out in a luxurious and calm atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, more detailed information on King Anma (킹안마) Swedish massage can be found on the website and blog.