DAO 다오안마 massage

Introduction of Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage

Let me introduce the legend of Gangnam massage, DAO 다오안마 massage.

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Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage service

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Information on using the Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage

Hours of use: 24 hours
Contact method: Phone inquiries only
Parking: Valet available 24 hours a day
Region: Gangnam

Information on Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage facilities

Sauna and group shower facilities are complete

The acupressure effect is good and Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage is healing the right understanding

This is a recipe for blending geranium essential oil with frankincense essential oil to help regenerate the skin. Place carrier oil in a dark coated glass container, add 16 drops of frankincense essential oil and 10 drops of geranium essential oil and mix well. And this mixture is constantly applied to the scar to absorb it. Apply it at least three times a day. Store the remaining blending oil in a dark and cool place and take it out and apply it whenever you can.

And fill the remaining space in the glass container with your favorite carrier oil. Lastly, add 1/2 teaspoon of liquid vitamin E and mix well. Vitamin E has an excellent antioxidant effect, so it helps regenerate the skin, but it helps store this blending oil. So unless you can use it all at once, it’s a good idea not to miss it. And keep this mixture in a cool place and apply it to the scar frequently to absorb the oil.

A recipe that blends more essential oils into a scar relief blend recipe. Prepare a dark glass container that can block the light first. Then add 30 drops of lavender essential oil and frankincense essential oil, which can make your skin smooth. And add 30 drops of sandalwood essential oil with a sensuous scent and excellent antibacterial effect. Finally, add 30 drops of fresh cedarwood essential oil and mix well.

Scar Relief Blend Recipe is a method of blending lavender essential oil and frankincense essential oil. It is a combination of lavender essential oil that has an excellent calming effect and good skin care with Frankincense essential oil that has an excellent skin regeneration effect. Choose one that suits your skin and mix 1/4 cup, 6 drops of lavender essential oil, and 6 drops of frankincense essential oil. And apply it to the scar three times a day and absorb it.


It is good for healing and treatment, and Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage is healing understanding


When wounds occur, the pain is high and the risk of infection is a problem. And soon, as our body’s ability to recover is demonstrated, the wounds heal little by little and the pain is reduced. When the open wound closes, the possibility of infection gradually decreases. However, there is a problem that occurs when the wound heals. It’s a scar. It would be nice if the wound healed without scars, but even though it is a small wound, the scar remains for a long time and shows its presence. It’s upsetting to see old scars. Here is an essential oil blending recipe that regenerates damaged cells of these scars and gives birth to new skin.

(Hakdong Station) Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage is the secret to a healthy body!?

I went to a men’s massage shop in Gangnam-gu

There was a store where I saw people massage my legs and shoulders

I was thinking about going for a while, but I suddenly thought about going to the store, so I called

They even picked me up and dropped me off, so I went very comfortably.

I enjoyed the massage with such a comfortable expressionHah!

The staff had a lot of strength to let it go.

When I called him at first, he kindly explained it to me

It was good that you guided me in detail when I arrived.

The Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage had a cold bath, a hot bath, and a steam room.

They gave me comfortable clothes so that I could wait comfortably.

I lost track of time while looking around the interior. Hah!

When you feel stiff or sick,

I’ll leave your phone number so you can go comfortably.

Once you go, you’ll keep wanting to go Hahn!

Definition of DAO 다오안마 massage

Hand-to-hand therapy controls functional modulation or helps blood circulation by pressing or tapping the body’s circulatory system, nervous system, and muscle system to cause biological reactions.


The etymology of the massage is an etymology, which is based on one-point pressure and pressure along with acupressure and massage and acts on the living body at regular intervals to adjust the modulation of body tissue and internal function as a pressure reflection. The name of the massage was called Angyo, Chajang, and Masaji according to the change of the times, and during the Japanese colonial period, it was called Cheap, a point blood method.

Massage is a physical therapy of oriental medicine developed along with acupuncture in ancient China, and is thought to have been handed down to Korea under the name of Angdoinbeop. However, the traditional period is not known in detail, and massage is introduced, which was prevalent among Taoists at the time, in the 병원 hospital theory of the Su Dynasty. The method of massage is introduced in volume 27 of the Tang Dynasty’s 천 Cheongeumbang and 천 Cheongeumikbang.

Massage is usually a method of touching, crushing, rubbing, and hitting the acupuncture points along the path of the meridian from the center of the body toward the fingertips and toes. There is no special disease, but it is effective in removing these symptoms when the head is heavy, tired, stiff from the neck to the shoulders and back, pain, weak limbs, or habitually constipation. However, when acute diseases, high fever, eczema, purulent swelling, and malignant tumors occur on the skin, severe gastric ulcers, and when pregnant, Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage in the abdomen should be avoided.

After about 30 minutes after meals, massage should be done in a light state with sufficient urination and mind and body. Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage should call a professional massage technician, but in the case of acupressure, acupressure is intensively pressed.

In this case, the fingerprint of the thumb is mainly used, the head part is used to press a wide area at the same time, and fists or elbows are also used to strengthen it. Today, when massage is handed down from Europe and applied to clinical treatment as Western medical technology, the method is very similar to massage and its limitations are blurred.

“Gangnam DAO 다오안마 massage is a physical procedure for the human body by massage, massage, acupressure, or other stimulation methods,” said Ahn Massa in 1973. “As a blind person or a real-name person who has completed a physical procedure in a special school under the Education Act, he or she has completed a two-year or more training course.”