What does Catering mean?


The English word Cater is a verb meaning to provide food or service to a party or wedding. Catering is a term that encompasses everything from providing high-end hotel food for a specific event at a hotel to taking out a group order at a cafe or sandwich shop. if you do. Catering, which prepares meals or desserts ‘customized’ according to the concept of a party or event, has been gaining attention in Korea since the mid-2000s.

The charm of catering by concept

Catering is a big attraction in that you can create a new table every time according to the request of the brand. The concept of preparing popular fast foods such as mini hamburgers, buffalo wings, jellies, and skittles in mini sizes can be made into a case for takeout, so you can show off a feel and witty catering.

For brands that want a private event such as a new product launch party, we can provide not only food but also a place to increase space utilization and provide customized catering by allowing products to be set freely. Catering can also have a great effect in determining the image of a new product.

By matching product features or representative colors with the colors of the catering menu, you can leave a strong visual impression. For example, catering that expresses the vivid colors of iSaedo through mini bibimbap at the mini-size eye palette launch event. It is considered one of the most successful catering companies in the industry. In addition to catering on-site on the day of the event, you can impress customers even after the event by preparing a dessert box reminiscent of the product. Cupcakes, scones, and macaroons are small in size and can be used in a variety of recipes that match the color and taste of the product.

Why catering?

Catering not only provides food suitable for the concept of the event, but also serves as a coordinator in charge of serving and cleaning up after the event is over. For the organizer of the event, if you choose a professional catering company you can trust and trust, you will be able to complete a consistent and rich reception from the purpose of the event, to the decoration of the venue and the food.